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Patient Portal

Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health is a secure online patient portal provided through Telus Health CHR and available to all registered patients at Marine Gateway Medical Clinic. It is a safe and convenient way to communicate with our doctors and office staff. All communications through the portal use high- level encryption and are transmitted over a secure network providing our patients with peace of mind knowing that all sensitive data remains private and well protected.

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Pomelo Health Features

As a patient you will be able to:

  • Receive and send messages

  • Receive and upload documents, forms, and results

  • Receive PDF copies of labs, forms, handouts, and
    other chart information sent from our clinic

  • Book, change, and cancel appointments

  • View past and future appointments

  • View doctor availabilities

  • Receive automatic appointment reminders

  • View and update demographic information

Our Services

  • 1 hr

    19.99 U.S. dollars

  • 1 hr

    19.99 U.S. dollars

  • 1 hr

    19.99 U.S. dollars
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