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We provide the following services listed below.

Family Practice

The following services are provided to our Family Practice patients by their designated physician's decretion.

  • Booked Appointments (with your Family Practice Physician)

  • Chronic and Complex Care (Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, CHF, Stroke, Heart Attack, Renal Failure, Mental Health, Long Term Care, etc.)

  • WCB (Work related Injury) Claims

  • ICBC (Motor Vehicle Accident) Claims

  • Medication Therapy and Refills (Medication Refills will not be done without an appointment)

  • Diagnostic Investigation (Lab, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, EMG, Stress, etc.)

  • Specialist Referrals

  • Minor Treatment (Wart, Ear Syringing, Removal of Foreign Body)

  • Minor Surgeries (Nail Wedge Resection, Mole Excision, Biopsy)

  • Wound Care (Cleaning, Dressing, Removal of Sutures Changes)

  • Injury Care (RICE, Tensoring, Splinting, Sling)

  • Screening Exams (Pap Smear, Breast, Prostate)

  • Physical Exam (Infant, Child, Adult)

  • Adult Immunization (Tetanus/Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis A&B)

  • Private forms (Please see Uninsured Services section)

Walk-in Clinic Services


Uninsured Services

The following services are not covered under MSP and are billed directly to the patient.

Medical Examinations, Forms, Applications, Certificates, or Tests requested for the purpose of:

  • Driver's Medical Examination

  • Occupational Medicals

  • Education/Sports Exam

  • Medical Records Request

  • Insurance Forms

  • Immigration Purposes

  • Travel-related Services

  • Recreational Activities

  • Short-term/Long-term Disability

  • Forms/Applications for Tax Purposes

We encourage all patients to inform our administrative staff prior to requesting any of the above services so that you are made aware of costs, and if needed, work out a payment plan prior to seeing your physician.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact our office.

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